sabato 31 gennaio 2009

Papa Tee - Old Fashioned Way (2007)

Ok, let's start with a classic...yes, cause this is an underground classic mix by Tommy "Puppa Tee". The story begins when Nicco (my brother) went to Tommy's yard an afternoon in August 2K7. Nicco said: "let me hear some tuff old chune". So Tommy push the REC botton and put on the turntable a Gregory "the Cool Ruler" Isaacs record. Then he proceed with a Dennis Emmanuel Brown tune. The 3rd gem he put on was by John Holt. So, Gregory, Dennis Brown and John Holt...who's next? of course...Mr Ken Boothe. Then Tommy start again from the first artist one more time...then another one and so again...
This is a very cute selection, from classix to very rare 7".
The mix plays with a strong sound, bad low-fi quality as we like, but you know, one day i was playing the mixtape in the car on my way to the airport in Pisa while i was giving a ride to Mr. Bitty McLean after he performanced in Florence... he was like :) for the entire trip, singin like a bird and waving his arms in the air like whoa!


P.S. ok, I know every single track but...hey...No please... don't ask me who is this and who is that...we spent like 15 years building our records collection, so you have to dust your clean fingers diggin' deep in some fucking crate for this chune...!!! LOL

Art Cover Pupa-Tee

Papa Tee - Old Fashioned Way (2007)

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  1. Veramente tough tough tunes, il solo fruscio del vinile ti riporta agli studi jamaicani degli anni 70', greatings and respect to the selecta!