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RAGNAMPIZA RADIO - Playlist del 06/06/2011




"The Milan-based producer Marco Acquaviva starts his sonic adventure during the ‘90s by playing acid guitars in local hardcore-punk and noise bands. Spending most of his teenage days between street music and skating, he studies cinema and develops interests in audiovisual arts, from photography to sound design. In 1995 he discovers the pleasure of a 303 synth entering the experimental drifts of electronic music pushed by the insterest in the Illbient movement and its eclettic mixture of black, industrial, and ambient music with punk attitude.
During his work within the motion pictures industry, he launches his own music label and creative lab Queenspectra, whose name comes from the idea of “associating his musical approach with the spectral and feminine sides of sound”, as he says.
In the meantime his music has been selected for some tv works , and his productions extend to different projects, from the ambient-glitch and guitar noise of The Jellyfish to the space-jazzy psichedelia of Luna, through the groovy dub techno 12” (QueenspectraGrooves) to some future dub strongly infected by his Berlins and Detroit idles like Maurizio,Carl Craig, Mad Mike...
In 2007 his track “Blue Soul” has been remixed by the world bass hero Filastine. (((QS))) did a ltd release of it on 10".
In 2008 starts a new project, called UXO (Un Exploded Ordnance) reworking different rough materials from his sound archive, focusing on a sound that stands between hip hop and psichedelic soundtracks which sometimes reminds a slowered version of Italo.
In 2009 UXO releases some CDR of his first album...UXO 1 which had a very good feedback from the national music press.
In 2009 his music is used in the awarded Italian “Stand Up" for the UNO’s Millennium Campaign. Late in the same year unreleased UXO material, composed by sampling and reprocessing Mid East and african recordings , becomes the soundtrack of the documentary “Invisible Refugees” broadcasted on Sky News tv channel.
In 2010 he's been involved in Audiovisiva festival sharing the stage with artists like Actress, The Books, Zomby, Ben Frost ecc. and then has been chosen from Planet Soap to be part of their remix album on Car Crash Set from Seattle with artist like DZA, Damscray ecc...


In the early 2011 joined forces with Digi G'Alessio, one of the most talented italian beatmakers, for a very prolific collaboration which will materialize into a split lp. Marco is working right now on a remix album of UXO 1 on which are involved different hot heads from the beat scene.
Raw Meat EP is the new UXO work since 2009 and his first collaboration with Plynt."

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Kan Sano - Oops Hops feat. Repeat Pattern
Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy
Goodie Mob - Dirty South feat. Big Boi
Luke Vibert - Funky Acid Stuff
Redman - Brick City Mashin'!
Kid Spatula - Trike
Kan Sano - Music Overflow
Redman - Down South Funk
Luke Vibert - Orch Garage


DJ Food - Sexy Bits (Autechre Ae9V Mix)
Jonwayne - Andrew
Jonwayne - Bowser I (Sigma Head)
DOK - West Coast (feat Terror Danjah) (forthcoming HYPERDUB)
Hype Williams - Badmind (forthcoming HYPERDUB)
Kuedo - Take Off (Remix) (forthcoming PLANET MU)
TRC - Back To Fluff (BUTTERZ)
Planet Soap - 0349GP (unreleased)
Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova500 (forthcoming Car Crash Set)
Planet Soap - Supernova500 (forthcoming Car Crash Set)
Ras _G - Sabor
Hype Williams - Farthing Wood Dub (forthcoming HYPERDUB)
Infinite Potentials - L♡vesng
The Midnight EEz - Childhood Memories


Johnny Boy - Desolato Isolato feat. Millelemmi (Jboy rmx)
Johnny Boy - Once Upon a G
Johnny Boy - Another One
Johnny Boy - Late at Notte feat. Millelemmi
Johnny Boy - Ombra feat. CantiinAsociale (Jboy rmx feat. Jaja)

UXO - SlowMoSexual

IntroThe Jellyfish - Lead By the Waves
UXO - Venom
Casa del Mirto - Club Mare (UXO shore remix)
UXO - SUnUXO-Living Deadlights
UXO - The Heat (Casa del Mirto remix-slowered)
UXO - Squeezed Rehab
UXO - Tropical
UXO - Light Spectre
UXO - Satellites
UXO - Booty Ghost
UXO - Looser with Laser
UXO - Rub A test
UXO - She dope
UXO - Skunk
UXO - Learn


Riding Train Version
The Heptones - Sweet Talking
The Heptones - Baby Be True
The Heptones - Why Must I
The Heptones - Why Did You Leave
The Heptones - I've Got The Feeling
The Heptones - Hypocrite

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